What to do if you find yourself on the Warrant List

The Warrant Roundup is carried out in two phases, so if you find your name on the warrant list, you have some options to avoid being arrested once the roundup begins.

Phase One: Grace Period. It begins about a week or so before the official start of the roundup during which time anyone with outstanding warrants is encouraged to come forward and resolve their case with the state to avoid arrest.

Phase Two: Enforcement Period. Once the enforcement begins, individuals with an outstanding warrant in their name will be “rounded up” at their homes, work and other places around town. Since the police are actively looking for those who broke the law, it will almost surely end in one being detained by the police. Once arrested you will be forced to address all outstanding warrants before a judge and pay your fines in order to clear your name.
Below are some common reasons an arrest warrant can be issued by the court. In Texas this results in an individual being added to the warrant list when the Texas Roundup begins. They include, but are not limited to:

    Not responding to your ticket, either by payment or contestment, within 11 days
    Failure to appear for a scheduled court date
    Incompletion of a required or court ordered Driving Safety Course
    Not abiding by Probation terms resulting in probation being revoked
    Default on payments arranged by the court
    Failure to fulfill the terms of your community service orders

In most of these situations, a notice will be mailed to you to you, at the address on file, letting you know a warrant exists in your name. The notice will list the violation(s) your being charged with and any fines attached. Additional fees may be added if an arrest warrant is required. The most common warrants issued are Alias and Capias Pro. You can get an Alias Warrant if you failed to appear in court to answer to C misdemeanor charged or A Capias Pro-Fine if you have been assessed a fine, but have not satisfied the charge with the court system.
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